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Broaden your skills. Boost your career. Balance your life.

Future Rockstar Bookkeepers

are Born Here

This top ranked program is specially designed to provide a platform for current and aspiring bookkeepers to accelerate their learning. 

Tired of having to choose between your family and your job?

I know how you feel. I wish a program like this existed when I was caught at the crossroad of unfulfillment and needing to work.  

I spent twelve years working in private practice and in corporate America, constantly stressed out and frustrated because I always felt like I had to choose between work and my family. While at home on maternity leave, I realized I didn't want to go back. I wanted to stay at home with my baby and work from home; but my boss wasn't going for it. So I decided to start my own practice - a bookkeeping practice. Surely it would be easy. I mean afterall I do have an accounting degree and several years of experience. 



Is This You?

Tired of being unhappy and miserable with your current job? Trying to figure out how to make a career shift and do something different, without going back to college? I mean let's face it, college is great but you don't have the time or money to enroll. You have a spouse, children, a current job, heck a whole house to manage. When would you ever find the time to go back to school?

But what if you didn't have to?

What if you could get the training you needed and do it on your own time and at your own pace? 

What if...

What if you didn't have to choose between your family and your job?

What if you have a career that would provide you the flexibility, finances and freedom? What if you could turn a new skill into a thriving business working for yourself? 

You can have both - the finances you need to support yourself and your family, take vacations, or pay for childcare. All while staying at home. You simply just need to take the leap.

"There's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it on."

Leo Christopher

Imagine what it would be like when you are spending as much time as you want with your family and no longer having to chosoe and then feeling guilty for not making "the right choice."

Never having to go into another office again because you get to work from home.

Setting your own schedule and working when you want to without interfering with your children or spouses schedule.

No longer being stressed about money and being able to contribute to your household.


All of this is possible when you enroll in Rock the Books Online.®

"Prior to working at Nitram, I was an auditor first and bookkeeper second. This meant that my primary focus was on catching the mistakes and issues clients had instead of focusing on how to improve their bookkeeping process. As a result of being in this program, I learned how to work efficiently which freed up my time so I no longer had to work long hours. And the extra income allowed me to take vacations without the stress of worrying how they were going to be paid for."

Nitram Financial Solutions


What you'll get when you Rock the Books Online®


Completely Online

You will receive a login and access to all the content and exam. You can access it anyime and anywhere.

Pace Yourself

 Complete the course at your own pace. Registration is valid for up to a maximum of one year.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress as you go so you can always know where you are in the program.

Job Opportunity

Be placed in a candidate pool where businesses and corporations have direct access for finding talent.

National Recognition

Receive a certificate and lifetime credentials that are recognized nationally.

Qualified Bookkeeper

Become qualified as a bookkeeper and able to work for yourself or another company

What you'll learn...

Similar programs offered at community colleges take up to 18 months to complete. This training can be completed in a quarter of the amount of time it would late to attend a school or university. 

Following our proprietary system, 4 Pillars of Financial Success®, you will learn the foundation principles and our framework to being a rockstar bookkeeper.


Account Fot It - Learn best practices for cleaning up, reviewing, and maintaining financial records.


Assess It - Learn A,B,Cs of managing money and cash flow.

Automate It - Learn the key processes, policies, and procedures that will create an efficient workflow.

Analyze It - Learn how to effectively increase profitability by leveraging data.

This training is for you if you:


Are tired of working long hours for a company that doesn’t care about your family goals


Need to find a new job so that you can continue to support your family and avoid losing your home


Need additional income to avoid the financial burdens that are constantly plaguing you


Find yourself constantly wondering if what you are currently doing brings you fulfillment


Are looking to gain a new skill set that will free up your time and allow you have self care time for you 


Are looking to gain a new skill set that will allow you to generate additional income

"Before Sherrell trained me, I was hesitant to use the accounting system. I had just recently took on the responsibility of handling the day to day bookkeeping and had never used it before. As a result of her training, I have experienced a great improvement in being able to keep track of the company's finances and records.

J. Ingram
Apartment Turnover Company

"Sherrell was able to not only walk me through how to set up the accounting system for the company but she provided in-depth and easy-to-understand explanations of how to execute the transactions most relevant to my company. Sherrell was patient, thorough, and very supportive! I have been able  to improve my time efficiency, minimize user-errors which in turn creates cost efficiency. 

M. Roxas-Murray
Marketing Company

"I have personally enjoyed working with Sherrell. She is patient and accurate with her findings and changes. She avoids judging you for your bookkeeping mistakes and explains to you your errors and teaches you how to fix them." 

F. Fort
Non-Profit Organization

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Sherrell T. Martin

I am the founder, CEO and a tech-savvy cloud accountant at Nitram Financial Solutions, an award-winning financial management and consulting practice that supports business owners with managing the financial health of their business. Using accounting, bookkeeping and consulting we help our clients find the money leaks, increase their cash flow and maximize their profits.  I am a Goldman Sachs alum, an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro-advisor, Certified Xero Partner, Top 50 Cloud Accountant by Hubdoc and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. 

When I'm not working with business owners, I am helping other accountant and bookkeepers become rockstars at what they do. My goal is to make accounting easy because hey, it's not rocket science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an accounting degree?

No you do not need an accounting degree.

Do I need a finance degree?

No you do not need a finance degree.

What is the investment?

The investment is one payment of $2,500 or you can take advantage of one of our payment plans.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access for up to 1 year. After that you will be presented with an renewable option to retain access. 

What do I need to do to receive the certificate?

Receiving a passing grade of 80% or higher.

What if I don't pass?

You have up to 3 tries to pass the exam without having to re-pay. After the first failed attempt you have to wait 24 hours before you can retake it. We recommend using that time to go back over your material. After the second failed attempt, you will have to wait 7 days before retaking the exam. If you fail a third time you have to wait six months to retake the exam and you must repay at that time.

I already have a bookkeeping business, can I still take this training?

Yes this can be for you too if you want to learn new tips and tricks on how to not only be a better bookkeeper, but a rockstar one.

Is this really for me? I don't want to start a bookkeeping business?

Yes this is perfect for you. You do not have to own your own business or want to be a business owner.

What if I like money but hate math?

LOL You are not alone. Bookkeeping is more about compliance and rules than it is about math. That's what the software is for. It does all the calculating for you.

Will you help me find a job afterwards?

We are currently not offering this service but it is on the roadmap. So stay tuned.

Can you guarantee me a job?

We cannot guarantee what another company will or won't do. But we are certain that having a certificate that says you know bookkeeping will definitely shine bright on your resume.

Do you offer refunds?

If you register and decide you no longer wish to take the certification, you can receive a refund within 7 days, as long as no modules or exams have been started. If any portion of a module or exam has been started, no refund can be issued.

We will only accept a limited numbers of enrollees.

Join the wait list. Registration opens soon.

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